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Author Interview: Silvia Violet Discusses Unexpected Trust with Jodi

We are very happy to welcome Silvia Violet to the Smoocher’s Voice blog today. Violet’s latest novel Unexpected Trust is available from Silvia Violet books.

Violet writes erotic romance and erotica in a variety of genres including contemporary, sci fi, paranormal, and historical.

Silvia Violet can often be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like "Do you write children's books?" She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she's actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinful chocolate treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading children's books to her wickedly smart offspring.

       You can find more information about Violet on her website:

Jodi:     Thank you, Silvia for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Tell us a little about yourself and how you decided to write exclusively in the m/m genre.

Silvia:  Thank you for having me here. I’ve been a romance reader since I was in high school. My favorite books at the time I started writing were m/f urban fantasy romance and Regencies, so those were the first things I wrote. Very early in my writing career, I began writing m/m/f but it wasn’t until I became a rabid reader of m/m that I started thinking about writing an m/m story myself. Once I did, the inspirations started coming, and I enjoyed it so much, that’s where I’ve been since. I wouldn’t rule out writing some more m/f or m/m/f eventually though.

Jodi:     You write both standalone books as well as series. Do you have a preference? Do you feel that series give you more leeway for character development?

Silvia:  Most of my series have started when a secondary characters in a book calls to me and I want to write a story for him. I guess that means I prefer series since I usually end up writing them whether I mean to or not. I do enjoy getting to revisit characters.

Jodi:     Your books span a variety of genres: science fiction, paranormal, historical and contemporary. Is there a specific genre that you prefer?

Silvia:  I enjoy writing a variety, because if I had to write just one, I’d get burned out. I’m not sure I have a favorite, though recently most of my books have been shifter stories or contemporary.

Jodi:     Is it difficult to switch back and forth to writing in different genres?

Silvia:  Occasionally, I wish my non-magical characters had the abilities of my shifters, but otherwise, no, I find it refreshing.

Jodi:     If someone is not familiar with your books, which book would you recommend they read first?

Silvia:  Depending on whether they preferred paranormal or contemporary, I’d recommend Wild R Farm Book 1: Finding Release or Unexpected Rescue.

Jodi:     The Unexpected books are intriguing. What was your inspiration for the plot?

Silvia:  I originally started Unexpected Rescue after seeing a submission call for a military anthology. I began planning the story while I was at the beach and the opening scene when Jackson rescues a kayaker came to me while watching the ocean. The rest just developed as I wrote. I don’t do a lot of story planning after the first few scenes.

Jodi:     Did you have to do special research about PTSD, the military, or law enforcement for this series?

Silvia:  Yes, I did research on the FBI: training, structure, casework, etc. I also researched SEALs and military personnel who suffer from PTSD. I thoroughly enjoyed the research.

Jodi:     In the first book of the series, Unexpected Rescue, readers meet Jackson and Sport. Both men are broken and suffering from PTSD. We don’t realize how broken Sport is until we learn more about him in Unexpected Trust. What was your inspiration for these men?

Silvia:  I don’t have a single moment of inspiration that I can pinpoint. Both men popped into my head as characters and I learned about them as I wrote their stories. I love when I feel like I’m watching the story unfold in my mind like that. These two men had so many layers to slowly revealed.

Jodi:     Is “The Incident” based on an actual evident?

Silvia:  No, while it’s something that could happen to a SEAL team, it’s completely fictional.

Jodi:     Danny O’Sullivan is a strong character: a special operative, a trained killer. Yet, he is surprisingly vulnerable when it comes to Sport. What was your inspiration for this character?

Silvia:  A picture that I saw on Facebook inspired the idea of Danny. When I saw it, I knew the man I was looking at was saucy and a pain in the ass but also far more complex than he seemed on the surface.

Jodi:     Will there be more books in this series? Will Simon and Edgar get their HEA?

Silvia:  Yes, there will be at least two more books. The next one will focus on Simon and Edgar. Simon is very impatient for me to get started.

Jodi:     Switching gears a little, I enjoyed reading If Wishes Were Horses. This was an interesting plot with great characters. What was your inspiration for that book?

Silvia:  Thank you. The story was inspired by the song “As If” by Sarah Evans. When I heard that song, I imagined a hot ranch owner singing it about one of the hands he wanted badly but knew he shouldn’t touch.

Jodi:     Do you have any plans to expand that book to a series?

Silvia:  I do plan to write a series. I want to write a book about Rusty and another one about Ken and Andy. I might eventually do a crosser over with Unexpected since both Lt. Gomez from If Wishes Were Horses and Sport are in the FBI.

Jodi:     Was it difficult to mingle the mystery, violence and romance in that book as well as in the Unexpected books?

Silvia:  Yes, keeping the plot threads going and sorting them out in my mind was very challenging. I ended up doing a lot of non-linear writing and moving scenes around to help the story flow.

Jodi:     What was your inspiration for the Wild R Farm series?

Silvia:  Someone challenged me to write a story about a cowboy and his horse (shifter). So I started thinking how that would work and how much more fun it would be if the cowboy were a werewolf. The idea of a werewolf running a horse farm was too amusing not to develop.

Jodi:     What is your next project?

Silvia:  I’ve got a short story, Say Yes, coming out in August. It features the owner of a grass fed beef business and an event planner. I’m also working on Wild R Farm 6, Zach and Brandon’s story. I hope to have t ready to publish in the late fall.

Unexpected Trust

Special Agent Hugh Cranford, better known as Sport, is conducting an off-the-record investigation. He’s after Danny O’Sullivan, a spy rumored to have assisted in the ambush of Sport’s former SEAL team. Danny claims he and Sport are on the same side, and the real traitor is the man Sport is working for. But Danny is a master manipulator. He’s also the most seductive man Sport has ever met. Sport can’t help being attracted to him, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to trust him.

In his quest to bring down a few highly-placed traitors in the US government, Danny O’Sullivan has been keeping tabs on Sport. When Sport comes looking for him, Danny decides to bring Sport in on his secret mission and into his bed. Sport may not trust Danny, but he wants him. As the two men risk their lives to complete Danny’s mission, they discover neither is as strong as they like to pretend.

Before you read Unexpected Trust, make sure you know where it all began: Check out Book 1 in the Unexpected series, Unexpected Rescue.

 He closed the box and reached for another. Then he heard the whoosh of a door opening. No footsteps followed. Someone was trying to be silent. O’Sullivan? A security guard? It might be nothing more than a routine check, but his instincts told him he was about to be discovered. He flattened himself again the wall next to the shelves.
Several seconds of silence. The hall door opened and closed again. Sport started to put his gun away.
Suddenly, the office door swung open and Danny was there, aiming a Glock at his chest. Fuck. He hadn’t heard a thing.
Why hadn’t he waited to come back here? Based on what he’d seen of the security, he could have gotten in easily after hours. He could hear his instructor at Quantico berating him for his impatience. Mr. Invincible. Mr. I’m-Better-Than-Any-Fucking-Spook. Look where that got you.
“Hello there,” O’Sullivan said. "Waiting for me?”
The Irish lilt went straight to Sport’s cock. Damn the man. "Just leaving actually,” Sport said, pushing away from the wall.
Danny shook his head. “Not yet. Get rid of your gun and then we’re going to get to know each other better.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, O’Sullivan,” Sport said as he dropped his gun on the floor. Danny kicked it away from him.
“Call me Danny. You’ve obviously been getting to know me already.”
“Can’t say that I have. Not much here to learn from.”
Danny walked to the desk and jerked open the drawer where Sport had seen the bug. Danny ripped it loose, dropped it on the floor, and smashed it with his foot, apparently no longer caring if whoever placed it realized Danny was on to them. “That’s better, now we can have some privacy. So tell me this, why did you bother poking around in this dusty old place when what you really want is right here?” Danny swept his hand down his body, letting it graze over his cock.
“It looked like you’d already found some company,” Sport said, keeping his face neutral. “I don’t do secondhand.”
Danny moved closer. "You’d do me. Any way you could get me."
Sport fucking hated him, and he hated that he wanted the man under him, begging for mercy. That would be a mistake though; he couldn’t trust a word a man like O’Sullivan said. “Cut the games. Either shoot me or step out of the way so I can get back to my evening.”
Danny took another few steps toward him. Sport could have reached out and touched him, made a grab for Danny’s weapon or.... something else.
Danny reached out and drew a line down Sport’s chest with the tip of his gun. Sport didn’t flinch. Danny wasn’t going to shoot him, not that night anyway. After a while you learned to tell who was likely to pull the trigger and who wasn't. Danny had no intention of ending things yet. He was the type who enjoyed the game far more than the outcome. He liked pitting himself against other operatives and coming out on top.
Sport could make sure he enjoyed coming on the bottom too.

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Guest Post: SJD Peterson: Exclusive Excerpt and GiveAway

We'd like to thank SJD Peterson for letting us post this exclusive excerpt of her newest release from Dreamspinner Press, BAMF. We are also extremely excited that she's giving away a signed print copy of BAMF, so don't forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway at the end of this post. 

AUTHOR: SJD Peterson
PUBLISHER: Dreamspinner Press

With his fauxhawk, sleeve tattoos, and visible piercings, Ridley Corbin has the whole badass vibe going on in spades. The image serves him well as the self-proclaimed protector of the underdog, and he wants nothing more than to be Alex Firestone's hero.

Alex, a mild-mannered library assistant, has moved to Slater, a quiet college town, hoping to hide from his past. He keeps to himself, but that doesn't save him from catching the unwanted attention of the campus bully. But not all is as it seems. Alex's past comes calling, and it's time he becomes top dog.


When he walked back in, Ridley was coming out of the bathroom, toweling his hair. He wore a pair of Alex’s blue-and-white Bermuda shorts, a little tight in all the right places. Water droplets ran down the tanned skin of his chest.
Damn, my clothes look fucking hot on you,” he commented with a sly grin.
Ridley looked down at his shorts and then slowly lifted his gaze to meet Alex’s. Without a word he turned, presented his ass, and wiggled it. “A little tight, don’t you think?”
Oh yeah,” Alex murmured and landed a hard slap against that tight ass.
Hey!” Ridley protested, laughing as he spun away before Alex could hit him again. Ridley gripped his damp towel in both hands, threatening Alex with it.
You snap me with that and I’m going to beat your ass,” Alex warned, pointing a finger at him.
Not a deterrent,” Ridley snorted and aimed the towel threateningly.
Alex lunged, grabbing the towel with one hand and wrapping the other around Ridley’s body, pulling him hard against himself and pinning Ridley’s arm between their bodies. “That comes later when I have you tied to the bed,” he told him in a seductive tone. Ridley’s eyes fluttered closed and he groaned when Alex nipped his chin. “You like that idea, don’t you?” Alex murmured as he licked at Ridley’s bottom lip.
As crazy as it sounds, yeah I do,” Ridley admitted and opened his mouth, inviting Alex in.
Alex took the invitation and dove in, exploring Ridley’s mouth until they were both breathless when it ended. “I’m going to rock your crazy world later,” Alex promised.
Later?” Ridley questioned and chased Alex’s lips when he pulled away. “No time like the present, I’ve always said.”
You’re going to need to eat your protein first,” Alex suggested and released him.
I like the way you think,” Ridley agreed, dropping the towel and grabbing the waistband on Alex’s shorts, trying to pull them down.
Alex slapped his hand away and chuckled. “Fucking horndog, I was talking about steaks.”
Mmm, tube steak, my favorite.”
Alex shook his head and once again spun out of Ridley’s grasp. “That was so lame. Just for that, you can make the salad.”
I thought it was clever as hell.”
You would,” Alex sniffed. He opened the fridge and started handing Ridley the lettuce and all the fixings.
And what will you be doing while I’m slaving away?” Ridley asked as he started washing the vegetables.
I’ll be over here admiring the buns I’ll be sliding my tube steak into later.”
And you called me lame,” Ridley huffed and then laughed.
You are,” Alex said teasingly.
Damn, he liked the sound of Ridley’s laugh and the way it caused his belly to flutter pleasantly each time he heard it. Alex still wasn’t sure how he felt about this whole new sensation he was feeling for Ridley, and he refused to give it a name or look at it too deeply. That didn’t stop him from moving up close to the man once again and placing his lips against the warm flesh of Ridley’s shoulder, though.
You have a nice laugh,” he complimented.
Ridley tilted his head and looked at Alex over his shoulder. “Thanks,” he responded, sounding almost shy.
You’re welcome. Now get busy on my salad. I’m starving,” he demanded and patted Ridley’s firm little butt. “I’ll get the steaks on.”
Ridley started to open his mouth, but Alex shot him a warning look as he picked up the pan with the steaks. “Don’t even say it.”
The laugh Alex was becoming so fond of followed him out to the deck, and he couldn’t help but smile.


Book Blast: Jennifer Cie's Down on the Other Street

Book Name: Down On The Other Street

Author Name: Jennifer Cie

Author Bio: 

Jennifer Cie is a Tennessee native who loves taking aimless road trips, taste testing whiskey and low grade tequila—for science, and writing about social issues in everyday life. Self-proclaimed writer of “two cups of morning coffee” length books, Cie is the author of the fictional work Memphis Rain, creative non-fiction memoir Burn It, and the upcoming collection of short stories entitled Down On The Other Street.

When she is not getting lost driving across state lines, you can find her rambling about book formatting, poor life decisions, and everything in between on her blog:

Author Links:

Twitter: @JenniferCie1

Cover Artist: Najla Qambers

Publisher: Self-published

““You’re not asking someone studied—you know? I guess the rough kind of good. Like when you floss your teeth till your gums bleed. Hurts a bit, but the taste and feel are good to you.”
My first “real” talk came from you in 1992. I was fourteen sitting on the edge of my father’s leather recliner watching you cut the edges off a peanut butter sandwich. You didn’t have any tattoos back then. You had on this red sweater with blue stripes swishing through it. That pesky string of acne was still running down your right cheek when you offered me half of the sandwich.
“Anna. Why do you want to know about sex—from me?”
I wanted to tell you that the walls in my house had grown thin. Even with the stretches of screeching cars passing by and gargled whispers from the Mississippi River outside, I could hear everything tiptoeing inside. The high pitched turned guttural shrieks the women in my brother’s magazines evoked. The sound of the calluses on his hands attacking flesh like rubberized sandpaper; then, the wheezing attack followed by a hushed “guuu-ah” and tissues sopping up warm ooze. The late-night lullaby to my summers had changed, and I wanted to know the words.” –Excerpt from Intellectuals Are Fools

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Review by Jodi: Rainbow Blues by KC Burn

Author: KC Burn
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Rating: 4.5/5 Smooches


Having come out late in life, forty-three-year-old Luke Jordan is at a loss about how to conduct himself as a gay man. As a construction manager, he’s not interested in being out at work, but he’d like to find a boyfriend or at least some gay friends. Two years after his wife got all their friends in the divorce, he’s no closer to the life he wants.

Zach, Luke’s adult son, takes charge and signs him up for the Rainbow Blues, a social group for gay blue-collar workers. At an event, he not only finds friends but meets Jimmy Alexander, part-time stage actor and full-time high school biology teacher. Jimmy loves the stage but wishes potential boyfriends weren’t so jealous of the time he devotes to it. When he meets Luke and finds him accepting of his many facets, he thinks it’s a dream come true.

Their relationship quickly moves into serious territory, but their connection is tested to its breaking point by the offer of a juicy movie role that takes Jimmy to the opposite coast and into the path of a very sexy costar.


“Are you working in a blue collar profession? Do you find it hard to meet people? Do you feel uncomfortable being honest with your coworkers about your orientation? If so, Rainbow Blues might be for you. Rainbow Blues offers a safe environment where you can be yourself and meet other men like you.”

KC Burn is an engaging storyteller. In Rainbow Blues, Burn expertly develops her characters and plots and takes the reader on a fairy-tale like adventure. Although love-at-first is rare in the real world and is not always successful in fiction, Burn makes it work in this charming book.

It is difficult not to fall in love with Luke Jordan. Luke is portrayed as a hardworking man who is at a crossroads in his life. He is tired and lonely. The middle aged construction manager has been divorced for two years. He is living in a small, uninspired apartment, living a mundane life. Although he has always known he is gay, he has spent most of his life living in the closet. When his high school girlfriend became pregnant, he knew he had to marry her and take care of his future child. He loves his ex-wife and his son, but he is lonely, has no friends and has no idea how to meet single gay men.

Readers meet Luke on a typical day. He comes home from work, puts his dirty clothes in the washing machine, showers (with no energy to masturbate) and pops a frozen dinner in the microwave. This is his daily routine.

After selecting Salisbury steak—again—he slung it in the microwave and grabbed a beer from the fridge. One a day was all he allowed himself. At least while he was alone. Bleak was one thing. Drinking himself into a weeknight stupor was a whole different story.

A few minutes later, his “gourmet” dinner was ready, and he placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch. With a practiced hand, he flipped on the television. NCIS reruns first, then at eight there were other things on. Nothing new, unfortunately. This close to Christmas, everything was on hiatus.

He didn’t even have to check the guide to know when to change to which channel. Was this what he had to look forward to for the next forty years, or however long he had left? Appetite gone, he shoved his half-eaten meal away and laid his head back on the couch. Was this all there was for him? Could he put up with this… monotony for the tiny weekly bright spot of Zach’s visits?

The divorce had seemed like such a good idea. He and Kelly had been growing apart for years. Hell, they probably should never have gotten married in the first place, but with Zach on the way, and both he and Kelly still teenagers, it seemed the thing to do. He and Kelly were still friendly, but she’d been the social one of the pair of them. Once they’d split, Luke discovered most of their friends were her friends, but since their separation had been completely amicable, he hadn’t noticed the loss. Not until Kelly married and got pregnant in short order. Her new husband had been a widower with two kids under ten, and Kelly’s whole life changed. Suddenly, Luke’s entire social network, however peripheral he’d been in it, was gone. And he didn’t know how to build a new one.

Luke’s entire social interaction was watching various crime solving teams on TV do their stuff. Kelly and Zach knew why Luke had divorced Kelly, but he hadn’t told anyone at work the real reason. He didn’t dare. None of those guys were his friends. They respected him as their boss, but if they knew the truth, he wouldn’t even have their respect. So Luke never accepted any invitations to bars or parties or dinners, not even when he’d been married. After all, he’d been grappling with the truth for so long, and he was afraid if he got too close to anyone, they’d figure it out. The truth would likely be career suicide.

And what did he have to show for his carefully kept secret? A miserable lonely apartment and a miserable lonely life. He was too young for this, but he was too set in his ways to change now.

But as Luke discovers, quite spectacularly, change is inevitable. When Luke’s son, Zach, buys his father a membership to Rainbow Blues, a social club, for Christmas, Luke’s life changes rather drastically. Meeting men like him is a first step to improving his life. He attends a play with a new friend and when his eyes see the lead actor, Jimmy Alexander, on stage, sparks fly.

A door opened not too far away, followed by a flurry of activity. Luke stared, then the actor came into view. The one who played Gary, the closeted married guy, who had seemed destined to die alone until he got up the courage to come out. Luke had been entranced, and not just because the story had many parallels to his life, to the point he could relate to the play’s title of Walking Wounded.

The actor had been stunning. Jimmy Alexander. Tall, blond, slender. Expressive hands with thin fingers that punctuated his words. His face wasn’t perfect and plastic, like generic models on magazine covers. His smile was wide, his eyes a little narrow, and his nose a trifle too big for his face. But Luke couldn’t keep his eyes off him. Near the end, he’d almost lost track of the story line, so intent was he on memorizing every movement of Jimmy’s mouth.

When they’d first entered the theater, he hadn’t understood why anyone had bothered wasting money on the program. Sure, maybe a page or two for “credits” but the booklet seemed excessive. During intermission, however, he’d been thankful for that little booklet as he flipped through it to Jimmy Alexander’s page. The actor was apparently thirty-eight years old—had to be a typo—and had starred in a number of plays, most of which Luke had never heard of. Luke would have much preferred to know what his turn-ons were and whether he was gay. Maybe the program wasn’t all that useful after all.

Within minutes Jimmy was surrounded by people. He shook hands, accepted kisses on the cheek, and drank fizzy champagne. When he threw his head back and laughed, Luke strained to separate the sound of it from the din of the rest of the crowd. It had been a long time since Luke had wanted anything as much as he wanted to lick the long, smooth column of Jimmy’s neck.

When Jimmy, actor by night, biology teacher by day, spots Luke across the crowded lobby, he is instantly attracted and extremely nervous. Luke is scowling, and Jimmy fears the beautiful, burly, straight man is angry about the content of the play and Jimmy’s performance.

Jimmy darted another glance at the broad, auburn-haired man. The guy had been sending dark looks his way ever since Jimmy stepped out into the room, and he made Jimmy nervous as hell. Maybe the guy’s wife was talking to the actors? If the guy hated the play so much, why was he sticking around? It wasn’t fucking fair that straight guys could be so gorgeous even when they hated you.

With effort, he dragged his attention back to another well-wisher. When he let himself glance back, he hated himself for the little niggle of disappointment that the guy had finally taken his leave.

Jimmy’d taken leave of his fucking senses if he thought a big, muscled straight guy was going to want Jimmy drooling over him anyway. Then, an older couple shuffled a few steps, and Jimmy sucked in a quick, surprised breath. Hot guy at two o’clock and closing in fast, with a fierce, determined look on his face.

The chemistry between Luke and Jimmy is palpable, and Burn makes it easy for readers to become enchanted both men. Luke is charming and sincere. Jimmy is adorable and caring. Despite their differences, these two men have a lot in common. They seem to have an instant connection that thrives and strengthens regardless of the roadblocks Burn flings in their way. Both men are looking for a love – long term. Despite the fact that Jimmy loves to talk and Luke loves to listen, communication is a stumbling block for them.

The initial conflict and drama in the story comes in the form of Luke’s son, Zach, and Zach’s best friend Ryan. Accepting your father dating men is a far cry from accepting him moving in with his new lover. The tension with Ryan is unexpected. And, when Jimmy is offered a dream acting job in Hollywood, the stress becomes too much for Luke, especially when the movie director is intent on publicizing a budding romance between Jimmy and his co-star.

Burn has a knack for creating three-dimension, realistic characters who tug at a reader’s heartstrings. She does a good job developing these characters and twisting the plot just enough to keep the reader wanting to know more. This is the kind of book that should be read in one sitting. Although Luke and Jimmy do have explosive chemistry, the fact that they jump into this relationship fully within days of meeting each other, it is outside forces that keep tugging them apart.

Burn does a great job presenting a realistic fairy-tale like plot that almost ends in tragedy instead of happiness. The angst-factor is high during parts of the story, and, just like Jimmy does in his performances, Burn knows exactly how to reel in her audience and play to their emotions.

Thank you KC Burn and Dreamspinner Press for providing a review copy of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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